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About this Site

This website's aim is to assist children with dysgraphia, dyslexia, and those children who view writing as "pointless".

It is a beta version, in the final stages of development, and open free of charge to a limited number of people on a trial basis, for the purpose of "user testing".

To use this website you have to register ("create an account") by entering into the registration form a valid email address and a password of your choice (see the Privacy statement below).

Registration is necessary so that we can keep a learner's entries separate from the entries of other learners.
Terms of Use

You are welcome to use this beta version free of charge, "as is", without any guarantees or warranties implied or otherwise.

In return for the free use we would like you to give us feedback within a week or two from registration, on how you think we can improve the functionality and scope of this website to assist children with dysgraphia, dyslexia, and other hand-writing related challenges.

Participants in the trial who provide a reasonable level of feedback will get free access to the final product for a period of not less than 3 months after its release to the public.


We do not store cookies on your device.

The details you enter into the registration form are needed so that answers (text entries) to worksheets are linked to your account. For this purpose, the email address and worksheet related answers are stored in a database.

We will not contact you other than in connection with matters related to the subject and purpose of this website.

We will not share any user's details or feedback received.

We do not collect any user/usage information, and thus cannot share such information with anybody.

If you wish to opt out of future communications you can unsubscribe from the received email.

What information do we hold?

We hold the following information about our users:

Contact information:   Email address

Usage information:   None.

Other Data:   Entries made by the user, representing his/her answers to questions and other content in the user's Worksheets he/she opens via this site.

Payment Information   None at this stage, as the application is a prototype and usage is free.

We use this information to provide the services this site offers and/or, where applicable, our users pay us for.

Where applicable, information relating to invoices and payments is kept for a period as specified by South African Tax Laws.

All information and data is stored on a database hosted by an Internet Service Provider in South Africa and his Backup Facility.

Data protection officer:
Peter P Strondl is the data protection officer.
He may be contacted via email to: peter at icanachieve dot co dot za.